Know Your Worth

It’s been a minute. Sometimes I forget that I have a blog until I start talking about it. Anyways, here’s a little rambling before I fall asleep. 

So many times we tell young girls or our friends they shouldn’t settle.

 “Don’t just take anything.” 

“Make him earn it.”

“Wait for the man that is going to really treat you right.”

“You deserve to be happy.”

Although this is great advice we give ,it has so many underlying messages. It implies that as women we have to wait until a man comes along to give us happiness. It teaches us that women must be lonely and hold out for Mr. Right.   

Meanwhile Mr. Right is enjoying life. He’s hanging out with his boys, gaining experiences, exploring and learning from relationships. He’s not sitting at home reading dating tips from Steve Harvey. 

The message I would give my daughter (if I had one) is know your worth. Know what you are worth with a man. Know what you are worth without one. Don’t depend on him to complete you. Complete yourself. Have fun. Understand what you want. Learn about what you don’t want. Nothing in life is permanent or promised, not even life itself. Live and enjoy living.