Tonight as I was putting my son to bed I began to think about his future. I told him he was an amazing boy who would grow up to be an amazing man. His eyes closed and I felt him fall into a deep sleep. 

I’m not sure if he even heard me or would care if he did. Today he cared about Spider-Man shoes and YouTube videos and Family Feud. Last week he cared about Angry Birds and playing “Getchu, Getchu, Getchu” with his grandpa. His imagination has always been wild, his own and ever changing. That’s what I love so much about him. 

It has been so wonderful to watch him grow. I know most parents would be able to relate. But why do we put so much pressure on our kids to stop growing? From a young age we encourage them to talk about what they want to be when they grow up. We teach them about marriage and children and staying married. We try to shield them from change and mistakes. Do we really want to teach them that you can only choose one career or one way to live your life? Does success only equate to picking a career and spending your life climbing the corporate ladder?

I have no idea what my son will choose to be in life. I just hope he chooses to be happy and helps others do the same. 

How can we encourage our children to grow far beyond childhood? 


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