Mothers Anonymous 

I’m no stranger to talking about how hard it is to be a mother. It’s a topic every mommy blogger writes about whether it’s in the form of a funny tale about the effed up events of a typical day or just a brutally honest straightforward post. I’ve read some responses to these posts where other women feel like more positivity about motherhood should be shared.

But that’s like expecting to sit down with your girlfriends and have conversations about how awesome your spouses are. Seriously how often do you have a conversation with your BFF and say, “girl, I just love him so much. He is so nice and awesome in bed.” The truth is those conversations are rare because happy, sappy stuff makes people more uncomfortable. Who doesn’t enjoy a good complaint session, though? 

Not to mention that writing about these things can often make you feel better. If I’m having a great day it probably won’t lead to me opening my WordPress app. Well these days I haven’t been able to find much time for writing at all. But if there was another way for women to help each other then maybe when we got together with our girls we could actually enjoy the time talking about positive, happy things. 

A recent conversation with one of my BFF’s had us trying to figure out how to create support groups and sponsors like AA. What if you could go to a meeting where you got to stand and confess about all of the things that made you a terrible mother and there was no judgement? And then when you felt yourself about to go back down that road you could call your sponsor who would come over and give you 5 minutes to pee or shower? I think this could make the world a better place for everyone who has to deal with a crazy lady who hasn’t had enough sleep or time to herself. 

I am Khayriyyah and I am a bad mother sometimes.