Real Life Problems 

Many people who know me know it’s really hard for me to realize how small I actually am. In my mind I’m not as short as I am in reality. When I was teaching I was always so amused with how I could get kids of all ages and sizes to be afraid of me. At every school I have ever worked at the kids gave me the nickname of “Miss Cutthroat”. 

So needless to say I tend to see myself as big and bad like all the time. But then when I see how my toddler’s foot is almost the same size as mine I’m kind of confused. And when I’m carrying him in public people look at me like I’m crazy. I’m sure it looks ridiculous when his feet go past my knees okay…I just don’t care. Because he is my baby and I want it to stay that way. 

Sadly though, I think this day is coming to an end. Last night I was carrying my baby up the stairs as he was sleeping and almost fell backwards. In between trying to catch my breath and my balance I almost shed a tear. What the hell am I going to do?!!?! He’s only 3 and I don’t want to stop holding him yet! I’m going to need the support of everyone reading this because it’s going to take Jesus, therapy, and some sort of prescription to get me through! 

If you see me randomly crying in public just hand me a tissue!  



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