I feel like I’m pregnant AGAIN

God blessed me with an amazing child. I love being his mommy and know he is mine for a reason. I also know he is exactly who he is supposed to be.

The past few weeks have given me a damn headache. Not because I am questioning what I already know, but because I feel like I am pregnant again.

You see, I found out that my son is not like other children, which doesn’t matter to me or to him. But it matters to other people and it matters in how they treat him. SO…now I feel like I have to make some sort of announcement. Do they make baby or birth announcements for these sorts of things? Can I send out a cute card with his picture on it and put the date on it that we found out? Do I need to come up with a name for him–the new him that people should treat differently? Or should I wait until people notice and say, “Why yes, I am expecting–him to be different than I thought.”

This all reminds me of when I got pregnant with him in the first place. After people would say congratulations they would also have a million questions. So how do you feel about that? How do you think you will feel about being a single mother?Do you think that things would be going better for you if y’all had planned to have a baby? These are all very kind words to say to an expecting mother. Much like I imagine the conversations about my son’s special needs to be. And like him, I am not one for much conversation.

I know I am being a bit of a Negative Nancy here. I do appreciate the support and encouragement that have come my way thus far. Those efforts do not go unnoticed.

If you have something crazy to say and you know it is crazy, do yourself a favor and don’t do it. If you may be a little unsure  of what you should ask, you can find some tips below.

  1. Is the question that you are about to ask for the good of yourself or the person you are asking? If the answer is yourself, don’t ask the question.
  2. Would you want to answer that question? If the answer is no, don’t ask the question.
  3. Would this question get you slapped? If the answer is yes, how willing are you to take your chances?
  4. Is the answer to this question any of your business? If the answer is no, don’t ask the question.

I hope those tips were helpful. If anyone is wondering what they can do to help, I am accepting wine deliveries because I am NOT pregnant. But I certainly am working hard to grow a wonderful little human over here. And wine helps everything!




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