Bounce Back

Pregnancy is a bad mother…It does all sorts of stuff to your body that you cannot even imagine. Then there is so much pressure from our family and friends to look good during the process and shake back quickly. All over Instagram and Facebook, people share photos of their bodies after giving birth and brag about how they’re getting their figures back.  It is quite sad in my opinion.

After giving birth, there are so many things that are still happening to your body. Another human was growing for 40 weeks inside of your body. Your body had to be remodeled to make room for this little sucker! Hormones and medications and interventions with labor–all of these things are affecting your body. Then you not only leave the hospital still looking pregnant, but you have this other person to take care of. You are tired and you are most likely spend most of your time, feeding, changing or just staring at the little baby.

Doctors advise women not to have sex for 6 weeks. Yet women are giving themselves a hard time about not being able to fit back into their old clothes and still having a little pouch. Do we all really pray to have these genetics that might kick in and make us look like a Victoria’s Secret model? It is quite ridiculous.

I weighed 125 pounds before I got pregnant and I gave myself a hard time. I wanted a flatter stomach. My legs weren’t toned enough. I should diet and workout more. If only I could lose 10 pounds so I could go back to a size 2 from a size 4. But I was in good shape. I never really had a flat stomach or abs. Not even when I weighed 100 pounds in high school. I should have been embracing and enjoying the body I had.


Then, I got pregnant. I was 191 pounds on the day I gave birth. That was like adding a fifth grader to the person I was before. It took a long time to lose all of that weight. None of that happened anywhere near over night. I worked out a lot in the beginning. I didn’t have too much time for dieting or meal planning with an infant at home so I did what I could. Then after a year and a half, I got rid of my scale. I was probably about 140 pounds at that point. It was difficult for me to lose the last of the weight. I had been weighing myself everyday. I had to stop worrying about it.

I spent the next year taking care of myself emotionally. I stopped being obsessed with my “bounce back” and began to get to know the new me. I had been through a lot and learned many things after becoming a mother. I ate when I was hungry and I ate snacks! No brown rice or protein packed meals. I just cooked what I wanted.

And now my son is 3. It took me almost this long to get back to my pre-baby weight. Can you believe I still don’t have abs? I have to laugh at myself because I hate working out so I just don’t. This is something I want to work on for my health but not because I want to change how I look. I am so much more confident now at 31 than I was at 21. Although almost every square inch of my body is covered in a lovely design of wrinkled, stretch marks, I am proud of it. I no longer care about how other people see me. I wear this body with pride because it is mine and it tells my story. So when you see me in a bikini or crop top because it is hot as hell this summer–don’t judge or do.

2015-07-22 09.45.28


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