Ain’t no Valentine’s

This is will be short and sweet….

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Everyone gets so worked up about the holiday. Well, women get so worked up about it. I don’t know really know what it is but we are conditioned to be this way.

Truth is I don’t care at all about it. I don’t even like teddy bears or red roses. Chocolate is good on any day though.

I remember caring more as a child. I expected a box of conversation hearts from my dad each year. That’s the best memories I have of the day. After that it got so stressful and I felt like I should care when I really didn’t.

I’m so happy when it falls on a weekday. That way no one is asking what you spent your day doing with the guy they think should be taking you to dinner at an overpacked restaurant.

But last night was also Saturday night. So, my sister and I got dressed, had drinks, danced to cheesy music, and ate greasy cheeseburgers. It was the perfect night out for two women who just wanted to enjoy themselves…on a Saturday that also happened to be Valentine’s Day.

Can we vote to have Valentine’s Day come around every 4 years like a leap year? I’m just saying…