What to expect after expecting…and living with my wonderful, terrible two year old

The great thing about parenting is that you can never predict what will happen from one moment to the next. There is always a possibility that your child will do something to make you smile or forget about your bad day. Or maybe they will do something that will make you feel proud of the person they are growing into. But more than likely there will be many moments that will leave you speechless or without a solution. Moments where you will be thinking “WTF” or “is this really happening?”

I often wonder if there is a clinical diagnosis to describe the drastic changes in moods. Then I go to my counseling resources and aha! That is called bipolar disorder! And based on my desire to drink before the sun goes down, I guess that is called alcoholism.

This evening I picked my son up from his grandma’s house, came in and fixed a snack, and I warmed up some leftovers. Then I sat down at the table and talked to him about his day at school. We laughed and shared kisses. He told me some things he learned today. I ran him a bubble bath with eucalyptus and turned on my Chrisette Michele Pandora station that he loves. “Come on Eli, it is time to take a bath.” And then this happened…..


He refused to take off his jacket. He screamed and cried and snot was running down his nose and into his mouth. I washed everything from his belly button down. Then I washed his face. Put a pull up on. Gave him a blanket and kissed him good night.

This is exactly what I look forward to when I am anticipating getting off from work and spending time with my little angel.


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