Khayriyyah Cutno

I started this blog to promote growth and change within my life and my choices. I hope that in sharing my feelings transparently that I can speak to someone else and inspire them to do the same. Or to simply put words to feelings and emotions that may be present but stuck. I don’t know where I will end up but I invite you to take this journey with me through motherhood, accomplishments, disappointments, frustration, sheer happiness and more.



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  1. The Blind side is a very instresting book in my opinion. I was very shocked that Micheal Oher could throw the ball more then 70 yards and that he could play like a point guard and how amzingly fast he was. It was kinda shock about how he didn’t know how to read or didn’t know what a noun was. I think it was very nice of Tom Lemming’s wife to take him out to get food and buy new clothes and how she called one off here friend’s that played pro football and he said they don’y have anyone that’s as a big as him.

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